Annalise Cain

Playwright. Actor. 


I believe in stretching my audiences.

I believe the theater to be a communal empathetic exercise.  

I believe in being unapologetically political.

I believe in the representation of women, LGBTQIA+, people of color and neurodiverse folks onstage.

I believe in jokes.

I believe in tearing down that fourth wall tout suite!

I believe in bringing people back to themselves. 

I believe in defending nuance.

I believe in the presence of love, especially when surrounded by all the hatred and profanity our world has to offer.

Photo by Erica Huang.

Photo by Erica Huang.


Hailing from the backwoods of Western Massachusetts, Annalise Cain is a playwright, actor and meme-enthusiast. She recently graduated from Boston University with a BFA in Theater Arts, which is pretty cool! In 2016, Annalise cofounded the Clementine Collective, a theater collective dedicated to producing new, neglected works and connecting young artists. Her work has been developed with the Tribe Theater Company and Playhouse on Park. In 2018, What Screams was a semifinalist for the O'Neill Playwrights Conference. 



THE REBOUND in Emerging Artists Theatre’s New Work Series

Coming this October, The Rebound will be a part of the Emerging Artists Theatre’s New Work Series on October 14th at 9 PM. Directed by Lydia Utter and featuring Rob Peterson and Skye Pagon, this dystopian friends episode is finding its home in NYC. More details soon!


Publication with Applause Theatre and Cinema Books!

Coming this fall, a monologue from What Screams I Hear Are Mine will be published in 100 Monologues from New Plays - Men. More details soon!



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